Need Tips My Brides!!! Read On!!!

Humidity and Frizz!!! Do not let it ruin your big day!!

If you have frizzy hair make sure that you are using the correct products such as frizz controllers.   Too much product is one of the biggest things women will do and that will make the hair look DULL!!! 

BED HEAD TIGI CONTROL FREAK serum 3 9oz is awesome!! 

MOROCCAN OIL - This ultra-light formula is absorbed in the hair instantly resulting in a silky finish but controlling the frizz. When you wash your hair the night before, put some on after you get out of the shower about a dime size, brush it through and then dry your hair or sleep in it wet doesn’t matter.  In the morning you will see!!

CHI SERUM is also one of my favorites not to mention it smells great!! The CHI is basically used as the same as the Moroccan oil. 

Frizzy hair is by far the number one hair hassle women complain about and for good reason. Flyways are a major issue. Here are some good tips for those flyways and frizzy hair 

1)  Start in the shower with a hydrating, repairing shampoo. When hair is well nourished it is less likely to react to humidity. Limit yourself to washing every other day because that will allow your body’s natural oils to condition the scalp and hair follicles.  

2)  Choose your tools Wisely
They are not all created equal. For straight locks Boar-bristles brushes are gentle so there is less breakage. Before washing your hair brush your hair from root to tips to detangle strands and stimulate blood flow on the scalp. CURLY GIRLS please stick with WIDE TOOTH COMBS used only after conditioner. 


On damp hair from roots to tips weather you are letting it air dry or using heat.

If you are using heat spray a heat protectant spray all over after the anti- frizz.

When you spray the protectant start upside down and dry about 70%

Flip head up and run a medium size brush through 2-inchlayers. Lifting  the crown. Keep strands smooth by angling blow dryer down towards the ends.
For wavy hair, divide into five sections starting in the back. Add a comb of lightweight lotion and styling cream to each and then diffuse until mostly dry. Spritz a finishing spray all over and then let it be.


If you air-dry, a leave in conditioner is the key to taming wild hair.

4)Strengthen your strands with an at home protein mask to rebuild Keratin is the way to go and since your hair is made out of Keratin it will do wonders.  Try to apply it for once a week because regular treatments will increase softness and shine. Look for corn, rice, wheat, and soy proteins on the labels. All if these ingredients are all extremely moisturizing. 

5) Try an UPDO

IF you are going to be outdoors and you are traveling to your destination wedding to meet the hairstylist and makeup artist put your hair up in a GOODY SIMPLE MODERN UPDO PIN ($7.00 drugstore) and skip the elastics because it can create creases. Take your hair down upon arrival and run your palms over any stray frizzies. The natural oils on your skin will help smooth them.



Girls with Fine Hair and Thick

Fine hair- Mousse is going to be your best friend. Use TIGI EXTRA STRONG MOUSSE. It will prevent your style to fall flat. Run about 2-3 golf ball sizes through your hair after your shampoo.

Before you take a shower take your fingers and massage your scalp using a technique that mimics squeezing an orange.  Doing this technique helps the scalp increase blood flow and kick starts the exfoliation of pores and brings out sebum. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner loaded with rice or wheat protein will totally strengthen and expand the diameter of the hair shaft and just know that your roots are naturally hydrated by the scalps oils so only conditioning the ends is all. Too much conditioner can cause the hair to go flat and you don’t want that!!! 

DRY SHAMPOO SPRAY is if you want to pump up the volume and zap away slippery sebum and you’re on the go!!. Great for fine hair look for Corn, rice, or oat starches which are powerful sebum-absorbers and won’t leave behind a chalky residue on the labels.


To camouflage a receding or thinning hairline, ask your stylist to snip soft side swept bangs. This flattering fringe frames your face. Creates the illusion of fullness, shortness a high forehead and draws attention to your eyes. If you think that bangs will be too much or to keep upkeep ask your stylist to cut front pieces long enough so that they can be tucked behind your ears.


Salt  water beach spray (Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray $23.00) creating  two-inch wide braids around your head securing your ends with clips or elastic bands grab a flat iron and run it over each braid then undo the braids flip your head upside down and finger comb from root to tip. Spray with dry shampoo which sponges up any excess grease so your style stays all day long!!!


If you have fine hair girls you want to create an illusion of thicker head of hair and to add dimension with highlights and lowlights.  Dye pigments temporarily volumize the hair shaft by absorbing oil and sealing the cuticle. 

Thick Hair

1) Always get a good haircut and keep up with it!!

2) Do not be afraid NOT to wash it every day.  Having thick hair and a good haircut cuts the time down to blow-dry and style it. Let your hair be dirty and it is great for up do’s  

3) Dry Shampoo is your best friend when it comes to thick hair.

4) When you get out of the shower and you know you need to blow dry your hair but it takes forever, all you will need to do is grab a bunch of paper towels (bounty works great) squeeze all the water from your hair in it and then blow dry. You just cut your time in half!!

5) Throw a away your conditioner’s and buy Leave in conditioner’s

Regular conditioners can leave a greasy build up in the hair.

6)Appreciate your thick hair!!  

Tips to help you in an emergency on the day of or just life

1) Baby Powder- is great for treating wedding-dress STAINS! Sprinkle on to the dress absorb oil from spot then wipe off with a white cloth. Baby Powder is great for the summer. Put Baby Powder between your legs, under arms, under breast and between cheeks lol I’m serious!!! on a really hot day you will thank me lol 

2) Vodka- Give your diamond a real cleaning and shining using vodka (yes, Vodka!) and a toothbrush. If you do not have Vodka then toothpaste is great as well.

3) Swollen fingers- run under really cold water to calm down the blood flow. 

4) Lip Balm- Zipper is stuck?? Lip Balm or hand soap can loosen it. 

5) Dryer Sheets- To keep hosiery from sticking to your dress, rub a damp used dryer sheet over them. Toss one in your luggage just in case) it’ll freshen your clothes) If you don’t have one run a wire hanger or metal spoon over or under your dress. Dryer Sheets are also great for static hair, just run a new dryer sheet in a down ward motion.

6) Bananas!!! Use the inside of a Banana peel to erase scuffs from your guy’s leather shoes, and then buff them to shine with a paper towel. 

7) Clear nail polish- Reattach rhinestones and beads that may have fallen off your dress with clear nail polish. It can also stop stocking runs in their tracks.

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It was a beautiful early morning getting ready to go see my bride. I was driving to a historical wedding in Virginia. When I arrived everyone was there to get there hair and makeup done about 4 bridesmaids, mother of the groom and mother of the bride and of course my beautiful bride. When I was about finished I was setting up my tools for just the touch ups and the bride came up to me and said "Since we have a little bit of time why don't you get something to eat and relax" I said "Sure, thank you". I looked at her and said "Are you feeling ok"? She replied "Yeah I just have an upset stomach I think it's nerves". Mind you, she is in the dress. She told me that she was going to just sit for a min. While she sat down she looked at me and said "I feel like I’m getting cramps"!!! I told her "Sit up!! Sit up!!" Yup, it happens ladies!!! She had her period!!! Luckily it was such a small spot that bled through the dress, but no fear Lisa is here with tide bleach white out pen from my emergency kit!!!! It got it right out and poof gone!!!  We all could breathe. She took some Midol and was back to normal. I felt bad for the groom as well lol!!!

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As every bride knows getting married is the most wonderful, exciting, moment of their lives. That was this day in Tawney town, MD. I was doing a wedding in this beautiful castle that reminded me of the movie the princess bride. When I arrived to the site there was stairs that wrapped around and around and kept going and going. There was no elevator of course so with my heavy luggage I went up and I said to myself "well that's my workout for the day"
I went in this most amazing room that was huge with mirrors that would never end, wood floors, a king size bed with the most amazing headboard. I was in love!!
The bride and bridesmaids looked great and had a blast getting their hair and makeup done.
When I was done doing the hair and makeup the girls put there bridesmaids dresses on and they all were dressed like it was the movie the princess bride with reef's on their head lol I loved it.
As I packed up and started walking down!! The stairs lol the bride was behind me and as we were walking down someone said out loud "where is the groom" I turned around looked at the bride and said to myself " I’m going to move out of her way before she hurts someone lol she went crazy!! Well as ten min went by she heard a horse running up to the castle and there he was on a horse with his Zorro outfit on and a sword in midair saying "I am here my love will you marry me" I was going to die!!! I thought I had seen it all!!!

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Hello to all my brides!!!! I would like to stop by and tell you some of my adventures as a hairstylist and makeup artist and give you some great tips for the big day so you are prepared!!

As a hairstylist and makeup artist i think i have seen it all.
 I remember when i first started working for a company doing hair and makeup about 6 years ago and they sent me to Virgina. This was in the summer time. Of course this is when GPS wasn't even around. We only had map quest or a map lol, so I followed the directions and it took me down this dirt path road that just kept going and going. On my right I see an old man on his rocking chair at his home that looked so old and dirty. He was holding an axe!! I thought to myself "Am I passing the chainsaw massacre’s  home"?
 I was getting really scared and have you know, that this is in the morning with the sun out lol :)
I kept going and going. About 8 miles now,  on my left I see a huge field with big rolls of hay but no horses!! I said ohhh god please let me live, this wasn't in the contract. Finally I see a huge house that was like a mansion. I looked at the contract and it was the house I’m supposed to be at. I pulled up this long long drive way and parked my car. I got my stuff out and walked up to the front door where I rang the doorbell and a lady answered the door and I said "Hello I am the hair and makeup artist Lisa". As she was talking to me there behind her was a huge deer head on the wall, a dead bear as a rug and more and more weird stuff. I thought to myself wow these people don't play, what are they mafia lol well turns out that they were!!!!! When I found that out I just prayed and prayed that I was doing a good job. Once that was over I called my boss and gave her hell!!  I told her she better give me a bonus!!! And she did but she was laughing at me for about a good 15 min lol  she never knew that the people were in the mafia.

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